Estate Planning
Just what is Estate Planning?
What is a will?
What are the advantages and disadvantages to a will?
What is a Durable Power of Attorney?
What is an Advance Health Care Directive?
What is a trust?
What is a will contest?
What is the difference between a living trust and a will?
Why should probate be avoided?

Real Estate
Who are the “key players” in a real estate transaction?
Do I need an attorney when buying my home?
Why should I have an attorney when selling a home?
What do I do if I find problems with my home which weren’t disclosed at the time of purchase?
Are there tax advantages to owning a home?

Family Law
What is Family Law?
Why do I need an attorney for a divorce?
How are property and debts divided at the time of the divorce?
How can child custody affect a divorce?
What are custody options?
How can an attorney help with an adoption?

Tax Law and Preparation
Why should I have an attorney prepare my taxes?
When should I have a tax attorney?
What is tax planning and when should I do it?
What if I haven’t filed tax returns for several years?
What if I’ve been involved in a tax protest movement?
What if I owe taxes and can’t pay them immediately?
I just received an audit notice from the IRS. What do I do?
What if I have to go to IRS Appeals or Tax Court?

Business Law
What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating?
What is an “LLC”?
What are the alternatives in establishing a business setup?